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Marc Sparks

Hi, I'm venture capitalist Marc Sparks. Welcome to my profile!

Marc Sparks's Bio:

Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. He's made a career off of building up business ideas that nobody thought could possibly achieve success. Throughout his career, Mark has been a principal in dozens of start-ups. Some of them have been massive successes, and some of them colossal failures. But the point is that he never gave up.

Marc's main company continues to be Timber Creek Capital, which is his private equity firm. Mr. Sparks formed the agency when he was first starting out as an entrepreneur in 2000. He's become an expert at providing venture capital and helping to guide a company down the path to success. Featuring his unique business plan leadership tactics, he's been able to guide several companies to success over the years.

Some of his latest ventures include Blue Jay Wireless, which is a prepaid wireless telecommunications company, targeting the credit-challenged consumer demographic. People who mainly would have trouble getting a cell phone otherwise, and still require the service.

Marc has also been instrumental with Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC, a diversified real estate services company. They provide comprehensive property and facility maintenance and repair for a wide variety of commercial industries. Marc is one of the owners, and principal investors.  

Throughout his history with Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks has leanred a lot.  He's discovered that through some of these unique corporate ventures, he's found an area of expertise for his unique skill set. 

Marc Sparks's Experience:

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